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How to choose suitable metal balers for your scraps?

November 13, 2016

Latest company news about How to choose suitable metal balers for your scraps?
According to our 18 years experience, we would like to tell you how to choose suitable metal baler presses for your scraps?
1. If your scraps is metal parings, steel parings, aluminum cans, tin cans, aluminum UBC scrap, Used Beverage Cans, copper wires, aluminum wires, or other scraps with thickness under 3mm, we will advise you consider following model:
Turn out model:
1) Y83-100 Scrap aluminum baler presses
2) Y83-125 Aluminum cans metal baler presses
Push out model:
3) Y83T-100 Push out Scrap steel balers
4) Y83T-125Z Aluminum scrap metal balers
2. If your scraps is light metal, waste aluminum extruded sections, aluminum extrusions, light metal pipes, light steel pipes, and other scrap with thickness under 4mm, we advise you consider our following model:
Forward out models:
1) Y83Q-135 Hydraulic Metal Balers
2) Y83Q-160 Forward out scrap Metal Balers
3) Y83Q-200 Three Ram forward out Metal Balers
Turn out models:
4) Y83-160 Hydrauic Metal Baler Press
5) Y83-200 Waste Steel Bailer presses
Push out models:
6) Y83T-160 Hydraulic Metal balers
7) Y83T-200A Non Feffous Metal Balers
8) Y83T-200B Scrap Metal Baler with Hopper
3. If your scraps is scraps from car, waste scrap car, waste steel pipe scrap, scrap pipes, heavy scrap metal, copper scrap, stainless steel, scraped car materials,and other scraps with thickness under 7mm, we advise you consider our following model:
Turn out models:
1) Y83-250 Hydraulic waste metal scrap baler
2) Y83-250UA Hydraulic metal baler presses
3) Y83-315 Heavy duty scrap shearing press
Push out models:
4) Y83T-250 Heavy Duty metal scrap baling press
5) Y83T-315 Hydraulic Metal Balers
6) Y83T-400 Heavy duty scrap car balers
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